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45th Annual Eagle River Hockey School


The goal of the Eagle River Summer Hockey School is to make students better hockey players by providing a fun and challenging learning environment.


Teaching Model

As the game returns to its roots, showcasing skillful play, our instructors continue to teach the skills critical to becoming an elite player. As the scientific understanding of precise hockey training evolves, we continue to innovate.

A superior teaching model allows students to learn skills and improve their game. Our program is known for providing an intense and disciplined learning environment. This is the most dedicated and disciplined hockey instruction team anywhere. The tone of the learning environment is set by an organized and disciplined staff. The instruction team is briefed by the Lead Instructor before each session to ensure the team is prepared to teach.

To maintain a reasonable attention span from students there must be diverse learning environments with more direct attention focused on the student, and increased activity for the student. On-ice sessions are taught through a variety of methods.

During individual skill development sessions, drills are explained by a lead instructor and then demonstrated by instructors. Once students start a drill an instructor observes, constructively comments, and continuously follows up with the student. In small group environments an instructor teaches a group of 5 – 7 students and pays close attention to their progress within the group. They provide direct feedback when appropriate.

Students are given an opportunity to practice a drill multiple times before the next drill is introduced. There is an emphasis on quality repetitions. Drills that emphasize important fundamentals are often repeated up to 50 times to encourage proper technique. In all teaching environments, if a student fails to grasp a concept after the first explanation and demonstration, instructors start from the beginning and attempt to have the student grasp one aspect of the technique being taught. Once the concept of a skill is acquired a student generally progresses through a drill with better technique.

Though all of this a player returns to their team with improved confidence and an understanding of how to practice a skill to improve their game.

Player Options

The Eagle River Summer Hockey School offers six different training programs. Each program attempts to fit the developmental needs of hockey players of different ages and skill levels. While each program differs in curriculum, all emphasize skating ability as the most important component of any hockey player's game.

A great skater is always involved in the play and is more likely to gain possession of the puck. The next important skill is puck control and knowing how to be a dynamic puck handler. The third, and usually last, action of skating and puck control is shooting.

More Information

If you have not attended our program in the past or are moving up from the Essential skills Program to the Complete Training Program, please be sure to read the additional information found HERE.