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42nd Annual Eagle River Hockey School

Parent Testimonials


 Some Comments from 2012:

"I felt this was an excellent camp.  Being a hockey person myself and having coached at the High School and college levels I have high expectations and this camp exceeded all expectations.  The staff was top notch and extremely professional.  This camp was extremely well organized, well run, and my son improved immensely as the week progressed.  I cannot credit the instructors enough for what an amazing job they do for/with the kids."

"The instructors are the best that you can find anywhere.  It is just unbelievable to watch what they can get the kids to do and the kids are all having a good time learning and for us the parents to see the improvement in them everyday is very rewarding.  I know we will never go any place else.  Thank you."

"As always we think you run a superior program.  Your program speaks volumes by having your talented enthusiastic staff return year after year.  We have never seen such a well run program.  The training our son receives here is what he looks forward to each year.  We look forward to returning for years to come!"

"Even though each day was tough, my son came home talking about what he needed to improve on the next day.  Seeing is believing! The program is superior."

"Instructors seem to have genuine desire to teach students the game of hockey and passion of the sport, not just a job.  Discipline, skill, ethics, what it takes to be good team player.  The camp runs like a well oiled machine! Keep it up!"

"Impressed with the amount of one on one coaching.  Coaches were engaged with the kids the entire time.  I’ve had my son at other camps where coaches were not engaging the kids.  This was not the case here at Next Level.  Great Job!"

"Excellent program – really helped break some bad habits.  Knowledge from instructors great – structured, controlled and fun at same time.  Can’t wait to see pay off during hockey season."

"Best camp he has attended!  He’s tired every day but loves it.  Said he would come back next year.  Great instructors, and were very good with the kids."

"An awesome overall experience for both of our kids. Entire staff is beyond professional in both their skill and manner. Thank you to all involved in this program."

"I do not think we could go anywhere else and have the degree of training we get here."

 "I had no idea he could improve so much in just 1 week!"


 Some Comments from 2011:

"You run a top quality program with ELITE instructors who seem to care about the skaters on and off the ice.  I can not find the words to express how pleased we are with every aspect of your program from both the skaters and parents perspective."

"Once again a fantastic experience!  The patience and time instructors spend with the kids is fabulous! Top Notch! "

"I did not know what to expect being our first year, with the cost of the program and number of kids involved. It was well worth the money and the coaches vs number of kids was excellent."  

"Excellent Camp! Very happy! Great instructors!"

"Fabulous program. Can’t say enough positives about the instructors!!!"

 "Excellent program. The best and we have been to many."

"Great instructors, excellent skill development and great opportunity for the boys to improve their skills, individually and team play."


 Some Comments from 2010:

"We Love the camp!  You all do a wonderful job.  Great coaching staff and you push each child to their ability.  We wish we could bring you all back home. Keep up the great work."

"The camp provided 10x the skill development we had hoped for.  We’ll be back for years to come.  Loved it."

"The organization of the program was outstanding!  There were never wasted minutes during the camp.  Even when setting up for the next drill, the kids were up and moving with rink rat play.  The parallel bars and carosel were very cool and taught the kids good skills even without them knowing it.  The one to six ration was a definite bonus as well."

On Monday he could hardly skate and by Friday he could skake backwards.  He had a lot of fun.  Good instructors. It was a positive, enjoyable experience.

"Thank you for the excellent experience.  We love the tight structure , the discipline, the positive reinforcement.  The coaches/instructors exceed any other camp we’ve been too! Oh, and the lunches are top notch!"

"Great camp!  Best hockey camp we have ever attended! Supervision and control on ice A+"

"What great and supportive instructors.  There was a balance of pushing with nurturing. I LOVE the discipline!  Thanks! See you next year."

"The instructors are fantastic with the kids. My son loved everything about the week…7 blister bandaids and all. Thank you."

"Our son… had a great time and learned a lot.  This is by far, the best camp he has attended, and he has been to a few.  Best in terms of learning real world, useable skills and overall camp "attitude."   We were impressed by the professionalism, knowledge, and hands-on methods of the instructors.  So many instructors just go through the motions when it comes to drills.  Your instructors were interested in the kids getting them right and spent the time and effort for that to happen.  Don't change a thing.  We can't say enough how impressed and pleased we are with the camp."


 Some Comments from 2009:

“John just had his first hockey practice and the coaches could not believe how much his skating and stick handling had improved. It's all thanks to your camp. The coaches were awesome."

“Awesome week as always!! We’ve been to camps all over the Midwest and none compares!!!

“Reports I heard were it was a good camp. After coming I think it’s a great camp and have recommended it to other team members for next year.”

“After the second day my son told me he could tell he was becoming a better skater/player and that your instructors were pointing out things he never knew he was doing wrong. And, he never complained at the end of the day!! I really appreciate the disciplined, no goofing off on the ice approach that you have at the camp. It creates an excellent environment for learning.”

“The coaches and staff are great! It is great to see the same staff year after year.”

“The Coaches were amazing. Thank you for working on stopping and skating backwards with my 6 year old. He would never do it before and picked it up in one lesson. He has only been skating for one year and truly benefited from your training. Being with the older kids pushed him that much harder. I will be happy to promote your program at North Lakeland Ice. See you next year!”

“My son had a great time. His skating improved immensely. The coaches did a great job. My son loved having so much ice time compared to the other camps he attended.”

“Thank you for a job well done. This has been a fantastic experience for our son.”

“Would tell everyone how great a camp this is”