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44th Annual Eagle River Hockey School

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should we attend Eagle River Hockey Program instead of another program?
  2. Which of the different sessions offered is best for my player?
  3. Are the posted ages fixed or is there flexibility?
  4. Who are the Instructors?
  5. Are there multiple week or multiple skater discounts available?
  6. Is this only a day camp? Are housing options available?

Why should we attend Eagle River Hockey School instead of another program?

  • 30 hours of ice time per week (cost per hour of on ice instruction)
  • Focus on skating technique
  • Utilization of on ice
  • European training equipment to enhance skating, balance, and agility.
  • Student/instructor ratio kept under 7:1
  • Disciplined environment
  • Excellent utilization of ice time
  • Conditioning element along with excellent hockey instruction.
  • Eagle River area provides great accommodation options and outdoor recreation opportunities for whole family.

Which of the different sessions offered is best for my player?

The Basic Skills session provides a fun learning environment for younger skaters (6-9 year olds).  There is a heavy emphasis on fundamental skills.

The students who will benefit the most from the Essential Skills Program are the more advanced 8 and 9 year old skaters who want more ice time than offered in the Basic Skills Program or the 10 or 11 year old skater who is not sure if they are ready for the 30 hours on ice per week offered by the Complete Training Program.

The Complete Training Program is a serious, hard working week with 30 hours of ice time. There are team building, discipline, and conditioning aspects of this week that are not present in the Basic Skills. Skaters work with and scrimmage against players of similar age and skill levels.  Although the content of the three weeks is identical, the tempo of these sessions tends to build over the three weeks to where even older players, ages 14-16, will be pushed and challenged especially in the third of these sessions.

The Elite Program is only suited to players interested in playing at a very competitive level of hockey. This program targets players with a goal of becoming a varsity, junior, and/or college player. The Elite Training Program is age and skill specific. Students must be a minimum of 14 years of age or receive individual permission from the program director. This program has very limited enrollment and spaces fill quickly.

Consideration should also be given to attending multiple sessions. This is often very beneficial in that the first week the player gets adjusted to the new drills and equipment on ice, as well as, their body adjusting to 6 hours of ice time per day. By the second week, they are entirely focused on the technique being taught and can reinforce concepts that were not fully grasped in the first week. Two weeks will provide more on ice skill development time than most players receive in an entire season. 

As always, just contact us if you want to discuss your circumstances in more detail.

Are the posted ages fixed or is there flexibility?

The ages listed are guidelines which we find appropriate for most skaters. Exceptions are made, but need to be discussed with us in advance. No 13 year old is allowed in the Elite camp without the permission of the director. For the complete camp, often a 9 year old who is a good skater, mature, and loves to be on the ice can handle the 6 hours of ice time and has a great week.

Please contact us if you have questions. We are glad to discuss your situation in more detail.

See program descriptions for more details.

Who are the Instructors?

Each program’s instruction team is made up of a Lead Instructor, senior instructors, and junior instructors. Instructors are mostly active players that compete at various levels from AAA to NCAA to professionally. The vast majority of the instructors attended the program for more than 5 years prior to becoming instructors. Before becoming instructors they were trained and had to meet exceptional leadership and teaching standards. You can find the bios of our senior staff here.

Are there multiple week or multiple skater discounts available?

Yes, there are discounts available for players attending multiple weeks and for groups of 5 or more attending specific weeks. Please email for more information.

Is this also a camp or only a day program? Are housing options available?

This is a day program. Neither the ERRA or the Eagle River Hockey School provide lodging, meals, or supervision for skaters outside of the program sessions. However, there are members of the ERRA who have housed skaters for the week while they attend camp. If you are interested in this option, let us know and we can provide contacts for you to discuss possibilities directly with them.








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