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Save the Dome Capital Fundraiser


Updated 9/3/2019

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Save the Dome Community Update

"Save the Dome"

Our Dome is in need for major repairs and renovations.  The renovations and repairs will take place in several phases over the next 

Phase 1:  The plan is to start replacing the skating surface in the Dome this summer/fall.

This process will include: removing the existing floor and possible sub floor, all tubing as well as the boards and glass surrounding the surface. 

The new floor size has yet to be determined but will be bigger than the existing surface.  

Along with the new surface will be new Home and visitor benches, scorers' area, penalty boxes and boards.  

Since the new surface will be bigger than the existing surface there will be some structural work that will need to be competed in the lobby area and along all three sides of sitting.  We have contractors coming to inspect the plans and give us their advice and estimates.

Cost of the project is estimated to be:  $774,000.00

  • Removal of existing floors:  $50,000
  • Installation of new surface:  $499,000
  • New Boards & Glass:  $125,000
  • Misc Construction:  $100,000

Start date:  July 2019

Estimated completion date:  November 1, 2019

Through the generosity of the community we have received over $302,000.00 in donations as of September 17, 2019.

Update (7/8/2019):  The bank has approved an initial $200k loan for the work listed in Phase One.  The boards along the ice surface have been removed and the walls along the north end (Lobby end) have also been removed.  Contracts have been signed for the new ice surface installation and boards.  We will begin cutting out and removing the concrete on July 15th.  The estimated start date to install the new surface is August 25th.  

Update (7/15/2019):  The cutting of the concrete has begun.  The process should take 1-3 days.  The heavy equipment should arrive Thursday to start removing the large chucks.

Update (7/18/2019):  The cutting of the concrete is complete.  Heavy equipment has moved in and started to remove the pieces outside the building.

Update (7/26/2019):  The floor removal process is complete.  Crews from Rink Tec visited the Dome on Friday to check on our progress and take final measurements.  Should start to see their heavy equipment moving onto the property over the next week.  Waiting on their crew to finish another floor project before heading to the Dome.  Should start to see some activity next week.

Update (8/5/2019):  Equipment into the Dome last Friday.  Crews were able to dig the trench for the main headers and will continue this week to prepare the surface for the new floor.  Final measurements have been made for the new boards.  Next step is to find volunteers to start cleaning the stands.

Update (8/7/2019):  Received word from the bank that a second loan in the amount of $350k has been approved.  This wouldn't have been possible without the support of 9 community members who co-signed for the loan.  Words cannot describe how grateful we are for their support.  Once we receive permission we can post their names to the website.  THANK YOU!!!

Update (8/19/2019):  We are very excited to see the RinkTec crew in town for the next couple weeks.   They were working on the perimeter of the rink preparing the settings for the new boards to be installed.  

Update (8/27/2019):  The final measurements for the new boards will take place tomorrow by the folks from Becker Arena.  We should we see plenty of activity next week as the RinkTec crew will be back in town to begin digging the trench for the middle headers and installing the heated sub-floor.  Concrete and tubing installation is scheduled to begin last Friday of the month.  Very exciting to see everything develop!!!

Update:  (8/28/2019):  Nicolet National Bank announced they will match up to $25,000.00 all donations made during the month of September.  Thank you for your support Nicolet.

Update (9/10/2019):  The RinkTec boys are back in town and busy at work.  We will see plenty of progress over the next two weeks in preparation of the floor being poured on the 27th!  

Update (9/17/2019):  We have surpassed the $300,000 mark in donations!  RinkTec is preparing to install the insulation before getting ready to pour the floor.  


This still leaves us a considerable amount to raise and we are currently speaking with banks to secure the funding required to begin the project.  We understand this is an aggressive deadline but believe it is necessary to continue the History and Tradition of skating the Dome this upcoming season.  

We are extremely thankful for all the support and are hoping to receive more in the coming months.  


Phase 2-3:   The details of these phases will be posted once the property has been inspected and analyzed by two world known architects and arena developers.  We plan on their arrival to Eagle River late October 2019.  Once we receive their feedback a committee will be formed in order to finalize plans on improving the entire property.  We expect a report from the experts no later than December 2019.

Some initial ideas include: 

  • New concession stand area 
  • New pro-shop
  • Updated lobby area
  • Updated and possible new locker rooms 
  • Off-ice training area/building
  • Expanded and improved parking lot
  • Updated plumbing
  • Updated electrical
  • Updated septic systems
  • New Ice Plant / Compressors
  • New Cooling Towers for Ice Plant
  • Finishing Roof Project at South End of the Dome
  • Repairs to Roof of the Cube
  • New Heating System in both rinks
  • New Lighting in the Dome

And we are always looking for feedback from the ERRA Membership and Community.

For more information please contact a Board Member.

"Save the Dome"

If you're interested in making a cash donation please mail your check to:

ERRA, PO Box 1495, Eagle River, WI 54521. 

Please include "Save the Dome" on the memo line. 

We are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization so all donations are tax deductible.  EIN 39-6091716.

If you have any other type of financial contribution please email Tony Brown.

For more information please contact a Board Member.

Save the Dome in progress.....