Designed by the Vision of Max Hanisch: The iconic Eagle River Sports Arena came to life through the creative mind of German architect Max Hanisch. A symbol of innovation and community, its distinctive design has been a testament to Eagle River's spirit since its inception.

A Labor of Love: Constructed by dedicated volunteers and local residents, the arena's physical form took shape under the watchful eye of Mr. Chuck Taylor, then-owner of the Jack-O-Lantern Lodge. The arena stands as a proud testament to the collective determination of Eagle River's community members.

A Landmark Emerges: Embracing a pioneering architectural concept, the arena quickly earned its place as the Showcase of the North. Its groundbreaking design captured attention and admiration, setting the stage for a lasting legacy.

ERRA's Ownership and Growth: In 1963, the Eagle River Recreation Association (ERRA), a non-profit organization, took ownership of the arena with an FHA loan of $30,000, alongside an inspiring $50,000 in public donations. These funds powered a transformative phase, which saw the arena remodeled to include a new roof, lobby, dressing rooms, indoor plumbing, and a concession stand. A pre-owned ice plant was also added, though its capacity proved insufficient for the surging demand for ice time.

Responding to the Call: Thanks to the support of the Eagle River community and its neighboring areas, a fresh wave of donations started the acquisition of a larger, more powerful compressor. The arena's capabilities expanded, ensuring its continued ability to meet the growing ice time needs.

A Second Rink, A New Horizon: The dreams of a second, roof-covered rink were realized during the Fall/Winter of 1995-1996. This Olympic-sized addition further enriched the offerings of the arena, providing skaters with even more valuable ice time.

An Enduring Legacy: Nestled within the heart of Eagle River, the iconic Eagle River Sports Arena holds a distinct honor – it proudly stands listed on both the National Register and State Register of Historic Places. This distinguished recognition further solidifies its significance as a treasured piece of history.

Home of the Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame: Proudly housing the Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame since 1975, the arena stands as a testament to the state's unique hockey heritage. With 69 esteemed inductees, encompassing players and coaches, the Hall of Fame remains a cherished corner of the arena.

A Heart of Giving: The arena's financial support flows from the generosity of local businesses, private individuals, and the skating community.

A Grateful Acknowledgment: We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the parents of our youth and the entire community for their tireless dedication of time, talent, and resources. Together, you have been the driving force behind the success of the ERRA shaping it into the thriving institution it stands as today.

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