Rink Rules & Disclaimer

ERRA Ice Surfaces Usage Guidelines

The utilization of ERRA ice surfaces (Dome & Cube) are exclusively reserved for ERRA Members only. Ice Rental slots are available; interested parties are invited to reach out to the Ice Scheduler or a Board Member.

Assumption of Risk and Responsibilities

Participants and skaters acknowledge and accept all risks associated with personal injury, including those arising from ice skates, hockey equipment, fellow skaters, spectators, or objects within ERRA premises. By entering the ERRA, Guests, and Members release ERRA, its Members, Board of Directors, and employees from liability for any resulting claims. Guests/Members commit to complying with ERRA policies and following instructions provided by ERRA personnel and Board Members.

ERRA Rules

  • No running in the lobby.
  • No climbing or hanging on lobby poles.
  • No playing in the Hall of Fame or addition.
  • No rollerblades.
  • No playing or climbing on black rink dividers.
  • No stick handling, shooting, passing, or playing in the lobby.
  • The office is off-limits and not for bag storage.
  • During games, sit in the bleachers or stand as a spectator.
  • Only enter locker rooms when assigned for practice or games.
  • Parents: Ensure knowledge of children's whereabouts.
  • Show respect to adults – your behavior reflects ERRA.
  • Absolutely no use of profanity or foul language.
  • Dressing for games or practice is prohibited in the lobby.
  • No sticks in locker rooms.
  • Cell phones are not allowed in locker rooms.
  • No youth game spectators behind the player bench side of the arena.
  • Wear a helmet at all times while skating.
  • Pucks and hockey sticks are not permitted on the ice during Public Skate.
  • The use of audio systems in rinks is exclusively for ERRA Youth Hockey Teams, Falcons Hockey, ERFSC, and Northland Pines Hockey Teams. Permission from ERRA Board of Directors is mandatory for audio system usage.

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