ERRA Commitment Policy


The Eagle River Recreation Association acknowledges that the success of its program relies on the dedication of coaches, parents, and players. Furthermore, hockey is a sport that places significant emphasis on a player's contribution within the team framework.

It is important to recognize that when players miss games or practices without authorization, it places an undue strain on the team's overall performance. In light of this, the Eagle River Recreation Association enforces a policy wherein unauthorized absences from practices and/or games may lead to reduced game time, as determined by the head coach.

Additionally, it is expected that this player will fully commit to participating in the entire postseason process, including but not limited to Playdowns and State Tournament games.


As the parent(s) of an ERRA player, we are in agreement:⁣

  • That it is a privilege, not a right, for our child to play youth hockey.⁣
  • That sportsmanship and fair play are essential to the sport of hockey.⁣
  • That sportsmanship and fair play are the most important skills that our child can possibly learn from⁣ youth hockey.⁣
  • That, because our children learn from example, we as parents need to exemplify the highest level of⁣ sportsmanship by supporting all players, coaches, referees and other parents.⁣
  • That all parents will abide by a “24-hour rule” if and when there is a disagreement between parents,⁣ coaches and the Board of Directors.⁣

Therefore, we agree to follow the sportsmanship disciplinary policy:⁣

  • If my behavior results in eviction from any rink, I will accept a mandatory two-week suspension from all ERRA hockey events both in the Dome, Cube and other rinks.⁣
  • If my behavior results in substantiated unsportsmanlike behavior, as decided by the ERRA Board of Directors, I will accept a one-week suspension from all ERRA hockey events both in the Dome, Cube and other rinks.⁣
  • If I do not support this sportsmanship disciplinary policy, I realize my child will be restricted from play for the term as set forth.⁣
  • That we and our child agree to abide by the rules and guidelines as stated in the ERRA P&P Handbook and agree that any violation of the rules is subject to disciplinary action.⁣
  • The ERRA Board of Directors will make all decisions on action to be taken and will notify the individual(s) involved in writing of action to be taken.⁣
  • I will abide by the rules set forth by USA Hockey, WAHA Hockey, ERRA, and its coaches.⁣

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