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This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation and submit payment. Please read through each step below carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. Registering by mobile phone? Price breakdown and registration button can be located by scrolling to bottom of page.

  • Step 1: Please ensure you've signed up and created an online account on our website using Crossbar.⁣

  • Step 2: Proceed to the USA Hockey Registration by CLICKING HERE and complete the registration process for your player(s). Make sure to print and retain their confirmation code(s). Remember, it's necessary to register EACH of your players with USA Hockey. Each player should have their unique USA Hockey confirmation number.⁣

  • Step 3: Come back to this registration page and click the registration button situated on the right side of the screen for desktop users or at the bottom for mobile users. Keep in mind: You'll need the USA Hockey Confirmation Code from Step 2 when prompted later in this session.⁣

  • Step 4: Ensure completion of this final step by CLICKING HERE to finalize the registration. Complete the process by providing the required information, and acknowledging waivers and agreements.⁣⁣


NOTE: Girls must choose a primary team. It is recommended if a player wishes to cross roster (both boys and girls teams) that they will need to be considered an impact player on each team as determined by the ERRA Hockey Committee. An impact player is a player who significantly changes the game while they are on the ice. 

UPDATE: This is a reminder that two new playing rules were approved by the USA Hockey Congress in January 2024.

Starting August 1, 2024, all players in Youth, Girls, High School, and Junior Hockey categories, as well as game officials under 18, must wear neck laceration protectors. This rule does not apply to Adult players or officials 18 and older.

A proper neck laceration protector is specifically designed to protect the neck from cuts and abrasions during hockey. Common clothing items or plastic goalkeeper throat protectors do not meet this requirement. Game officials should ensure equipment is designed for hockey and prioritize player safety.

If a neck protector comes off during play, it must be replaced at the next stoppage. If a player enters the game without a neck protector, they will be ruled off the ice, the team will receive a warning, and subsequent violations will result in a misconduct penalty.


For questions regarding registration please contact the registrar.⁣

Mariya Kleffman


For questions regarding programming please contact⁣

Abbey Gatlin

ERRA Secretary

2024/25 Hockey Registration

We are excited to see you on the ice! Make sure to take advantage of our early season prices now through 7/31/2024. Prices will increase on 8/1/2024, as shown below in red.

Pricing for the upcoming youth hockey season is as follows: 

Learn To Play (LTP): FREE

6/8U (Mites) First Year $175 ($183.75) ⁣            U6/U8 (Mites) Second Year $350 ($367.50)⁣     *Practice begins 10/14/2024⁣                              

10U (Squirts) $600 ($630.00)    ⁣                          *Practice begins 10/7/2024⁣       

12U (PeeWees) $625 ($656.25)                             *Practice begins 10/7/2024⁣    

14U (Bantam) $650 ($682.50)                         *Practice begins 10/7/2024⁣         

10U/12U (Squirts/PeeWees) Girls                             10U $600 ($630.00)                                                       12U $625 ($656.25)                                                  *Practice begins 10/7/2024⁣       

14U (Bantams) Girls $650 ($682.50)                         *Practice begins 10/7/2024 

Note: First year of skating at the ERRA is complimentary FREE for children aged 10 and under! Ready to begin? Redeem by reaching out to 

*For skaters who have been absent for one or more seasons, the ERRA is pleased to offer a 25% discount on registration fees. This discount is available to skaters who are in good financial standing with the ERRA and have completed their volunteer hours in previous seasons. To apply for the discount, please email for Board of Directors approval.

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