ERRA Parents Code of Conduct

Parents are an invaluable asset to youth hockey organizations and individual hockey teams, exerting a positive influence on both the young players and the community at large. The Eagle River Recreation Association (ERRA) acknowledges the numerous responsibilities that parents bear and encourages the fulfillment of these duties with a constructive, encouraging, and exemplary demeanor. We urge you to serve as positive role models for our youth and fellow association members. Demonstrating sportsmanship and maintaining proper conduct are fundamental priorities at every ERRA event. The duty of administering the ensuing Parent Code of Conduct rests with the ERRA Board of Directors.

Parents will:

  1. Promote Good Sportsmanship: By showing positive support for all players and recognizing each individual's unique strengths and contributions to their team.
  2. Demonstrate Respect: Encourage good sportsmanship by displaying positive support for coaches, game officials, and fellow parents, both within and beyond ERRA events. Treat others with respect and dignity.
  3. Prioritize Child Welfare: Place the emotional and physical well-being of their child and other organization children above their personal desire for victory.
  4. Focus on Youth: Keep in mind that the game is for the children, not the adults. Let the young players experience and enjoy the game.
  5. Encourage Rule Adherence: Encourage their child to abide by the rules. Celebrate the commendable plays made by both teams, as children learn best through positive examples.
  6. Positive Attitude: Maintain a positive outlook towards the game and its participants, which ultimately benefits your child's experience.
  7. Emphasize Skill Development: Acknowledge the significance of skill development and practices for young athletes. Minimize the emphasis on games and competition in the lower and very young age groups.
  8. Applaud Effort: Applaud the effort put forth, whether in victory or defeat, and underscore the positive aspects of the game.
  9. No Abuse: Refrain from verbally or physically abusing their child after a game or practice, recognizing the destructiveness of such behavior. Work towards eradicating physical and verbal abuse from youth hockey.
  10. Timely Discussions: Avoid discussing critical and emotional game situations with coaches or ERRA board members for at least 24 hours after a game. Seek a comprehensive understanding of all perspectives.
  11. Positive Coach Support: Provide positive support for coaches working with their child to foster a constructive, enjoyable, and fun experience.
  12. Value Volunteer Coaches: Recognize the vital role of volunteer coaches in their child's development and in the sport itself. Foster communication and support for all coaches. If you have a passion for the game, consider learning about hockey and volunteering.
  13. Understand the Rules: Familiarize themselves with the game's rules and support officials on and off the ice, contributing to the improvement of the game. Criticizing officials only harms the sport.
  14. Positive Communication: Communicate (via phone, verbal, and written means) in a positive, mature, and appropriate manner with ERRA board members, parents, coaches, and referees.
  15. Safety Concerns: Reach out to a board member if they perceive their child isn't in a safe or positive environment during play.
  16. Manage Disruptions: Handle disruptive fans or parents appropriately, requesting that they leave the premises when necessary. For severe breaches, contact an ERRA board member for follow-up.
  17. Financial Commitment: Fulfill obligations, including registration and fundraiser fees, as established by the ERRA board of directors. Non-flagrant violations require restitution before future sign-ups and on-ice practices. Repeat offenses will result in fines. Cases of financial hardship will be considered confidentially by the board.
  18. Volunteer Hours: Comply with yearly volunteer hour requirements established by the ERRA board. Failure to meet these requirements will necessitate restitution before participation in the next season's activities.
  19. Support Association Rules: Back the rules and regulations established by the ERRA. This encompasses the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance policy, designed to cultivate a mature, educational, and sportsmanlike atmosphere.

Parents will not:

  1. Negatively Yell: No engaging in negative yelling directed at players, coaches, or fellow parents that might embarrass their child, other children, teams, or coaches.
  2. Force Participation: Compel their child to participate in sports; instead, they will support their child's chosen sport. Recognize that organized sports are for enjoyment and ensure a fun experience.
  3. Disrespect Officials: Avoid assuming superior knowledge compared to certified officials. Refrain from making calls or judgments from the stands.
  4. Disrespectful Behavior: Refrain from engaging in negative yelling, screaming, or disruptive behavior, including banging on the glass, towards any player or referee.
  5. No Smoking or Alcohol: Abstain from smoking or consuming alcohol within the ERRA rink during practices, games, or events.

Enforcing the ERRA Parent Code of Conduct is critical to our Association. Non-compliance can bear significant consequences. It undermines our collective reputation and the welfare of our youth. Violations may prompt evaluation by the ERRA Grievance Committee. Subsequent recommendations could be proposed to the full ERRA Board of Directors, encompassing formal warnings, suspension, exclusion, and even expulsion. Such severe actions require a majority vote from the entire ERRA board. However, these measures are a last resort. Our utmost priority is to resolve issues before they escalate to this point.

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