Phil Hahn: Dunnie Richter ERRA Volunteer of the Year

In a special recognition of dedicated service and endless commitment, Phil Hahn was recently honored as the Dunnie Richter ERRA Volunteer of the Year. The announcement took place at the much-anticipated Bourbon and Beer Fundraiser event, where Phil's exceptional contributions to the Eagle River Recreation Association (ERRA) and the local community were celebrated.

Phil's impact goes far beyond the rink, encompassing the very essence of community spirit. As a dedicated ERRA board member and an integral part of the organization, Phil has consistently demonstrated a relentless passion for ensuring the success of ERRA's endeavors. Whether it's the meticulous cleanup around the facility, organizing the equipment room, or the behind-the-scenes tasks that often go unnoticed by some, Phil's dedication shines through.

From his relentless pursuit to clean up outbuildings to ensuring Dave has help after each zam, bumpers are moved, and making sure all sponsor signs are sold and hung, all while wearing a smile (and visor) reflects his genuine love for the community.

The title of Dunnie Richter ERRA Volunteer of the Year is not only a well-deserved recognition of Phil's contributions but also a testament to the values that define our community. Phil Hahn stands as an inspiring example of selflessness, dedication, and the remarkable impact that a single individual can have on their community big or small. 

As we celebrate Phil's achievement, we extend our gratitude for his commitment to ERRA's mission. His legacy serves as a reminder that community volunteerism is the real heartbeat of any successful endeavor, and Phil's contributions continue to resonate.

Congratulations Phil Hahn, on this well-deserved honor.