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Volunteer Tracking Hours

Here is the invitation link to the new volunteer planning application we are using this season. All members will be required to use this platform to submit, log and track your volunteer hours commitments.

There is an event tab for signing up for concessions, games, events, other tasks, etc. We will continue to use the events tab for scheduled volunteer opportunities and that will be updated as the season goes on.  


Required Volunteer Hours

We are a volunteer run organization and we are proud of our volunteers and our programs! To ensure the best possible experience for the kids, each family is required to volunteer for a set number of hours. Please see the graph below for the required hours and the ideas for way to get them in. Concession stand hours and tournament hours are required. Hours are not optional, they are required. Any unfulfilled hours will be billed at the end of the season at the rate of $25/hour. 

Register here and download the track it app to sign up for volunteer opportunities at the rink!

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